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This is a course prepared for people who value:

(1) setting up your own pace of classes

(2) flexibility with changing the schedule anytime you want

(3) ability of partially postponing the classes if desired

(4) free choice between online/offline or hybrid teaching

(5) personalizing your course curriculum

(6) highest level of teacher-student personal contact

Imagine you are signing up for an individual course, because most of the time your work schedule changes. You have no option to have regular classes and yet you want to learn Dutch as soon as possible and pass certificates within 6 months?

Our teacher will not only prepare materials for you to study from, but because this is an individual class he/she will also personally address your language struggles and help you learn more effectively and faster!

The private courses are sold in packages of 10 hours. If you decide to purchase more than one at a time we will give you a discount!

Our Offer:
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