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Belingual boasts having over 100 students every month on our courses, and this is all thanks to a variety of courses we host.

In our offer you can easily find Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch language courses on all levels of proficiency, from beginners to advanced fluent speakers! Most of those courses occur on monthly basis in our office in the centre of Maastricht. Therefore, if you were too late to sign up for one month, we will always have another language course course coming up!

From time to time we are also organising courses of English, Russian and Hungarian. However, if you (and your friends!) would like to start studying Swahili, Mandarin, Yiddish or any other language simply send us a mail about it! We can arrange everything!

How do our standard courses look like?

Every single standard course that we teach, e.g. Dutch language course, is divided between 8 sessions, 2 hours long each. The sessions happen twice per week for four weeks continuously. Usually the first few sessions introduce new material, and the latter ones aim at continuous improvement of new knowledge by implementing tests, games and discussions. Due to the specific 16hrs long course setting we have developed our own curriculum which encompasses plenty of vocabulary, grammar classes, reading & writing. However what makes studying at Belingual unique are many active language usage moments:

  • Discussions​​

You have to use newly learnt vocabulary​ to express your opinions about class, university or worldwide issues

  • Improvisations​

Eg. Imagine you go to a store. Your course friends are customers, your teacher is a policeman and you are a robber. They have to use the vocabulary they know, to describe how you robbed the store and you need to defend yourself. None of you have a written scenario, everyone experiments!

  • Voice message updates

If desired by a class, a teacher will ask you from time to time on WhatsApp about your day, you have to answer in e.g. Dutch!
We try to use this little moments to make your immersion with the language more real ;)

  • Class Itself

Once you reach a certain fluency level, the teacher will progressively speak only in e.g. Dutch, making your Maastricht based Dutch language course truly... immersive!

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