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Who are we?

Belingual has had its inception in May 2017 when two friends from different Maastricht University faculties - SBE & Law decided to set up a new, better and more affordable language school in Maastricht.

Three years later we can say with confidence - we did it! For the past three years Belingual has taught over a hundred language courses, over one thousand students and establishing itself as the biggest private language school in Maastricht. It has also changed us both from 'just' friends into a lifelong friendship full of business, jokes, struggles and unique moments. Some selected ones being (1) on the right our graduation from UM, (2) bottom left  our first trip to visit Santa and (3) right corner our celebration of the first year of Belingual with our first Belingual family (From top left: Floris, Marcin, Anais, Melanie, Kimmy and Javier)

Here we want to let everyone know that without our most amazing teachers we would not be where we are now. Shout-out to all the people who through the years have worked with us, you are amazing!

Huge thanks to all our students who enjoyed our classes so much that you have recommended us to your friends, you are the dream customers!

...and finally thanks to ourselves for perseverance in moments of struggle and doubt. After all, we cheered each other until we made it ;)

Javier & Marcin

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