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Hi there! The Semi-Private courses were created to encompass the scope of the full normal course, while retaining the freedom and flexibility of private course. Make sure to sign up for a course with your friend or partner :) The course will be always suited to your own availabilty and you choose when do you want to have it!

Do you want to meet once per week for 2 hours? Sure! Maybe three times for 2 hours per week? Sure thing! We can adapt to any intensity!

We will make sure to prepare you materials suited to your needs and make you speak as good as you can! Sign up now!

2-on-1 Semi-Private Italian Course

€ 220,00Price

*All dates are arbitrary and subject to student demand.
For any course to take place we need a certain amount of students. Once the course has started and you have accepted the schedule proposal (to be received upon providing us with your availability) it is not possible to cancel your participation.


If you purchase a course for a given month but it is unfortunately postponed, we will propose you to delay the starting date, or we issue you a refund. Due to bank processing refunds might arrive within 7 working days.

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